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Simphiwe Ngwenya

Simphiwe Ngwenya

Sustainability Consultant

Simphiwe has an MSc Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).  Her Master’s research focused on investigating greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction mechanisms for solid waste and wastewater. The aim was to highlight the co-benefits of climate mitigation in the waste sector that will assist with adapting to the changing climate.

At Urban Earth, Simphiwe has provided research and technical support for projects such as the Local Government Climate Change Support Project, Development of guidelines to enhance implementation of Energy Efficiency in municipal buildings through energy service companies and the SA Taxi Finance Green Tips. She has also provided administrative support during consultation meetings for the Open Data Water Action Plan project.

Prior to joining Urban Earth, Simphiwe worked as an intern at uMoya-Nilu Consulting where she gained in-depth research and practical experience in GHG emissions compilation and analysis techniques. The internship at uMoya-Nilu Consulting included the compilation of a GHG reduction strategy for the Transport Sector in South Africa.  Simphiwe also has five years business banking experience which she gained during her work at ABSA and First National Bank.

Simphiwe is interested air quality management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste management and sustainable energy provision in South Africa.  She is particularly concerned with creating an awareness about climate change mitigation because the co-benefits thereof will enable communities to adapt and cope with this phenomenon.

Outside of work, Simphiwe enjoys dancing, music and would love to travel around the world.