Ian Preston

Ian Preston

Sustainability Consultant

Ian has a Master’s Degree in Commerce (Management) from Rhodes University. Ian’s Master’s thesis focused on: the retrospective analysis of the costs involved in building selected dams; the effect of invasive alien species on water security and sustainability in the catchments of the selected dams; and, the decision-making processes that result in a dam being planned, designed and built.

Ian is experienced in undertaking research, writing and editing reports, and communicating clearly and concisely in a variety of formats. Ian has enhanced these skills while working on a number of climate change, resilience and sustainability-related projects such as:  

  • Durban’s 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) Programme;
  • Phase Two and Three of the Local Government Climate Change Support (LGCCS) Programme;  
  • Developing Sustainable Energy Opportunities Booklets for Municipalities;  
  • Formulation of a Project Proposal for the Department of Environmental Affairs on Climate Change Adaptation;  
  • The Climate Resilience Implementation Plan for the eThekwini Spatial Development Framework; and,
  • Development of a Concept for Training of Youth for the Bremen-Durban Marine Environmental Education Network.

In addition to enhancing his existing skills, Ian has developed new skills while working at Urban Earth. These include digital map making, basic html coding, and using Google-based software such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Ian is intrigued by resource management, especially water resource management. He is also interested in invasive alien plant management, sustainability, climate change, ecosystem services and conservation.

Outside of work, Ian is a keen outdoor and sports enthusiast, who enjoys hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, tennis, birding and generally exploring outdoor spaces. Ian is also an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide variety of music.