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Fezile Matandela

Fezile Matandela

Sustainability Consultant

Fezile holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Development Studies and an Honours degree in Public Policy from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, her honours research paper focused on analysing policy integration between Doctors and Izinyanga within the South African Department of Health system. Fezile is currently studying towards her Master’s Degree in Economic History and Development Studies. Her thesis focuses on the socio-economic impacts of the redevelopment of public spaces along the Durban beachfront.

During her time at Urban Earth, Fezile has been mainly involved with the Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC). The Durban Adaptation Charter was a key output of COP17 to commit local governments to climate change adaptation. Fezile manages the DAC website, writes articles for the website, organises events and provides secretariat support to the DAC.  Fezile has also assisted with the Local Government Climate Change Support Programme conducting research into climate change vulnerability of local governments. Through her involvement in projects, she has gained skills in stakeholder engagement, research and report writing.

Prior to joining Urban Earth, Fezile worked for eThekwini Municipality as part of the Imagine Durban team where she gained experience on policy implementation through the City’s Long-Term Development Plan. Fezile was also involved in planning events and conducting post-event monitoring and evaluation. Fezile also worked with other departments within the Municipality assisting with the publication of Urban Safety handbooks and the hosting of learning forums on environmental design for safe public spaces.

Fezile has also worked on several research projects which have exposed her to qualitative research as well as capturing and interpreting data. Fezile conducted a ‘Poverty and Eye’ research study whilst working at Brien Holden Vision Institute as a Researcher and ‘Energy Efficiency’ study in KwaZulu-Natal for Wonderbag and Unilever with the University of California (Berkeley).

Fezile loves to understand the relationship between the city and its people and the shared benefits between the two. Fezile is particularly interested in the built-environment’s impact on socio-economic issues.

Fezile loves to spend time with her family and take walks on Durban’s beautiful beaches. Amongst other things, Fezile has an inner creative side and is an active interior designer of her own living space. In her spare time, Fezile also enjoys photography and video editing.