Philips Solar Lantern Lifelight Plus


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The Philips Solar Lantern Lifelight Plus is a home solar kit that provides light and cell phone charging facilities when there is no electricity. The home solar kit uses the energy from the sun to provide up to 20 hours of light.

The home solar kit is suitable for un-electrified homes, for rural areas, for camping and for periods of load shedding. The kit has three different light settings and provides sufficient light for comfortable reading and other day to day activities. It allows affordable mobile phone charging and has a child friendly handle suitable for carrying.

The home solar kit consists of 1 x 2.5W solar panel; 1 x 4m wire for solar panel connection; 1 x LED 150 lumen Lamp; and, 1 X USB port for cell phone and camera charging. For users that require more than one lamp and longer hours of light we recommend the Philips Solar Lantern Lifelight Home.

This product is available for purchase through our online retail partner Takealot.