Ellies Sunflower Water Saving Low Flow Shower Head


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The Ellies Sunflower Water Saving Low Flow Shower Head reduces the amount of water used when showering which saves both water and electricity.  Whilst standard showerheads use between 20 - 50 litres per minute, the Ellies Sunflower Water Saving Low Flow Shower Head uses only 10 litres of water per minute.

This shower head is suitable for domestic and low pressure applications and can save users up to 60% on shower water.  It also reduces electricity costs because it reduces the amount of hot water used when showering and so reduces the amount of energy needed to heat water. The Ellies Sunflower Low Flow Shower Head features a wide 180mm diameter shower head which provides a waterfall shower feel.  

The flow of water is regulated to less than 10 litres per minute at 400Kpa and will operate at pressures from 100Kpa to 600Kpa. The standard half inch British Standard Pipe (BSP) female threaded fitting is suitable for fitment to all standard shower arms.

This product is available for purchase through our online retail partner Takealot.