solar home systems - online training course

Everything you need to know to choose the perfect solar system for your home.
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solar home systems - online training course

Everything you need to know to choose the perfect solar system for your home.

Tired of load shedding, thinking of going solar? You’ve come to the right place.

Why be stuck with load shedding and its many problems, when so many new and exciting solutions are available in the home energy space?

An investment in a home solar system now is a smart long-term move. You’ll thank yourself when you’re spared from load shedding. Plus you’ll tread lighter on the earth.

But choosing a solar system is tricky with so much on offer. Picking the right solution means understanding your electricity needs. That’s where Urban Earth’s course comes in. In our highly personalised course introducing solar PV systems in the home, we’ll help you:

  • Ask the right questions to get started.
  • Work out which size solar PV system is the right fit for your home –  in terms of energy saving, battery back-up and sustainability.
  • Pick a system that will save you money in the long run.
  • Learn about grid-tied and non-grid-tied solar systems.

You’ll also gain access to our calculation tool to help you work out how long it will take to pay back a solar PV solution in terms of electricity saved.

Our classes are small and live, so you are able to ask questions and have them answered in real-time. Your instructor is one of our founders. Urban Earth is a sustainability consultancy with over ten years of experience in supporting sustainability action in South Africa.


Chose the right Solar PV System for Your Home

Become an Independent Power Generator

Interactive Presentation

Calculate the Costs & Potential Savings

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Experienced Facilitator

Well organised and informative, making sense of some quite tricky concepts.

- Saul

Solar PV Systems at Home

This was very useful workshop, full of information applicable to using solar power, and with great practical tools and exercises.

- Anonymous

Solar PV Systems at Home

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