Carbon Verification: Umdoni Gel Fuel Low Income Housing Project

Urban Earth was contracted by Promoting Access to Carbon Equity (PACE) to compile a carbon verification report for a carbon gel fuel project in Umdoni Municipality in 2012. The gel fuel project involves the provision of bio-fuel stoves and bioethanol gel-fuel to over 4,000 households that are not connected to electricity in the Umdoni Municipality, and displaces other fuel sources such as paraffin, wood and gas. Carbon credits from this project are sold on the voluntary market via the Credible Carbon registry.

The project involved conducting an audit of the carbon gel fuel project and establishing the number of credits available for sale on the voluntary market. 

This culminated in a report outlining results of the audit which is publically available. 

PACE is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 2004 to develop high quality Clean Development Mechanism and Voluntary Carbon Trading projects in Southern Africa. Recognising the barriers of the CDM system, PACE developed Credible Carbon, a voluntary market where carbon credits could be traded specifically on poverty alleviation carbon projects.