South Africa’s 4th Carpool Week

Submitted by: Daniel Claassen, Thursday, September 22, 2016

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South Africa's 4th Carpool Week runs from 3-9 October 2016

South Africa’s 4th Carpool Week will take place from 3-9 October 2016 during national Transport Month. The aim of Carpool Week is to raise awareness on the benefits of carpooling and encourage South Africans to rethink their travel choices for a better country. Carpooling and choosing alternate travel options are activities that support a new economy – a new way of doing things in order to maintain our standard of living while eliminating poverty and repairing our ecosystems.

Benefits of carpooling

There are many environmental, social and financial benefits of carpooling, some of which include:

  • Carpooling can help to reduce your transport related emissions. For example, sharing a modest commute of 25km to work and back for 1 year can save 2.5t in CO2 (3 trees). 
  • Carpooling provides commuting convenience comparable to driving alone, with less stress and with the added bonus of companionship while commuting.
  • Carpooling can reduce the amount spent on traveling if you usually travel in your own car. By carpooling you save on fuel and maintenance costs. Sharing 50km with another person can save over R20 on fuel and wear and tear. Sharing 25km to work and back over a year can save over R7,000.

There is a common misunderstanding that carpooling takes away your flexibility. In fact you can reap great rewards from carpooling 1 day a week when it suits you, it can save 10% on your fuel bill and emissions while possibly making a friend for life.

How Carpool Week 2016 works
The 4th annual South African Carpool Week will take place from 3-9 October 2016. South Africans are encouraged to take the first step and commit to “look for carpool opportunities” on the carpool week website: Once you have committed by entering your email address you will receive a once-off automated email with information on the best ways of finding others to carpool with, safety and insurance tips. In return Carpool Week will plant 1 tree for every 200 commitments. You also stand the chance to win awesome prizes.


Carpool Week South Africa is an initiative by FindaLift, an online ride share initiative in South Africa. FindaLift is a national network that encourages and enables South Africans to make better use of cars by providing simple online tools that securely matches members on similar routes, making carpooling easy to arrange. The website links like-minded people using carpooling networks and simplifies the communications process to arrange carpools. The site has a large following and has been praised by many of its users. The quotes below highlight some of the feedback received:

“I am partially blind, not able to drive. I managed to start a lift club with 2 gentlemen and it works wonderful!” Jackie from Standard Bank

"Together we save nearly R5,000 per month. We are like a little family." Reinette from Somerset West

"Three ladies on my daily trip … enlightening as we share our daily experiences from our workplaces & lifestyles!” Thulani

 “No question that it’s much more fun and much less stressful travelling together.” Cheryl from Somerset West

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Daniel Claassen