REDISA calls on the public to report tyre stockpiles

Submitted by: Nadia Shah, Monday, November 3, 2014

<p><em>REDISA has successfully remediated 35,489 tonnes of tyre waste from landfill since December 2013. (Image Source: REDISA)</em></p>

REDISA has successfully remediated 35,489 tonnes of tyre waste from landfill since December 2013. (Image Source: REDISA)

In light of the environmental and health risks created by mismanaged tyre stockpiles, the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) calls on all members of the public to report sites containing stockpiled tyres. “REDISA is passionate about cleaning the environment and believes it is up to all South Africans to take responsibility and ensure a clean environment for future generations,” said Stacey Davidson, Director at REDISA. 

The dumping of waste tyres presents a number of environmental and health risks. “Old tyres are an environmental disaster, whether it is clogging up landfills, lying in illegal dumps, or being burned to extract steel. Health authorities have warned that the inhalation of smoke from burning tyres can cause lung and respiratory infections and worsens asthma, possibly leading to heart disease and the eventuality of death,” explained Davidson.

How you can help

According to the Waste Tyre Regulations, which came into effect in February 2009, tyre stockpile owners are required to submit waste tyre stockpile abatement plans to the Department of Environmental Affairs. Such plans are required to mitigate against the negative impacts of tyre waste. Apart from polluting the environment, tyre waste also threatens the well-being of communities by posing a fire hazard and creating breeding grounds for mosquito larvae and rats which spread disease. With the help of the public, REDISA aims to resolve any issues relating to stockpiled tyres.

REDISA’s progress

REDISA’s public awareness campaign is an extension of its mandate to develop a new tyre recycling industry by supporting the collectors, storage depots, recyclers, and secondary industries that make products from waste tyres.

Over a ten month period from the 1st of December 2013 until the end of September 2014, REDISA successfully diverted 35,489 tonnes of tyre waste from landfill. The graph below shows the quantity of tyres remediated per region.

There are currently 1,292 collection points and 23 depots operational nationally. The supply chain has empowered 83 transport operators and created 1,503 jobs.

With the help of the public, REDISA hopes to expand on their efforts during 2015. As REDISA’s plan continues in its five year rollout, more collection points will be established nationwide, making it even more convenient for consumers to correctly dispose of their tyre waste.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any stockpiles, especially illegal stockpiles directly to REDISA by emailing  or calling +27 87 35-REUSE (73873) to help rid South Africa of waste tyres.

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