GHG Protocol releases agricultural sector supplement for public comment

Submitted by: Amanda Botes, Thursday, April 18, 2013

The GHG Protocol has developed another draft supplement to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, this time targeted at the agricultural sector. The agricultural supplement is in draft form and the GHG Protocol has asked for the public to comment on the draft by the 31st May 2013. At the same time the GHG Protocol will be testing the supplement with selected companies.

The aim of the agricultural supplement is to provide customised GHG reporting guidance to the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector was chosen as it faces a number of unique challenges when measuring GHG emissions, including trying to account for reversible carbon stocks in soils and biomass, and quantifying emissions. The supplement has been drafted to provide guidance to agricultural producers, downstream companies that are trying to quantify their scope three emissions from their agricultural suppliers, and GHG policy makers. 

The specific objectives of the GHG Protocol Agricultural Guidance document are to:

  • Increase consistency and transparency in GHG accounting and reporting within the agricultural sector
  • Assist companies to compile GHG inventories that are fair accounts of their climate impact, through the use of standardized principles
  • Provide internal and external management with the GHG emissions information they need to manage their emissions more effectively along the agricultural supply chain.

The draft of the Agricultural Guidance document can be found on the GHG Protocol website. Those that are interested in providing comments on the draft can do so by submitting their feedback on a feedback form found on the GHG Protocol website by the 31st May 2013. The scheduled date for the publication is December 2013.  

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Amanda Botes