DEA releases Draft National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations for public comment

Submitted by: Nadia Shah, Tuesday, July 14, 2015

<p>The public are invited to submit written comments by the 5<sup>th</sup> of August 2015 (Copyright: <a href=''>kodda / 123RF Stock Photo</a>)</p>

The public are invited to submit written comments by the 5th of August 2015 (Copyright: kodda / 123RF Stock Photo)

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has published the Draft National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations for public comment, the comment period closes on the 5th of August 2015. The draft proposes regulations related to the registration of data providers, reporting requirements, the verification and confidentiality of information, and offences and penalties related to greenhouse gas reporting in South Africa.


According to the draft document, the purpose of the regulations is to introduce a single national greenhouse gas reporting system, which will be used to inform policy formulation and help South Africa to meet its international obligations such as targets set under the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change.  In addition, the regulations are intended to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of a National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Implications for business

In terms of the proposed regulations, organisations engaging in the following activities are considered to be data providers and will be legally required to report on their GHG emissions: 

  • Energy – all fuel/petroleum and electricity-related activities, manufacturing and construction sectors, the fugitive emission from fuels, spontaneous combustion and burning coal dumps, oil and natural gas and any other emissions from energy production.
  • Industrial processes and production use – mineral and chemical production, the metal industry, non-energy products from fuels and solvents use, electronics industry, product uses as substitutes of ozone depleting substances and refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Agriculture, forestry and other land use.
  • Waste sector – solid waste disposal, biological treatment of solid waste, incineration and open burning of waste and waste water treatment and discharge.
  • Transport – civil aviation, cars, railways, water-borne navigation and other transport means including pipelines and off-road.

The draft regulations state that data providers are required to submit the total greenhouse gas emissions arising from each of the listed activities to the online National Atmospheric Emission Inventory System by the 31st of March annually. Should there be a change in the scope of activity during the reporting period the data provider is required to notify the competent authority of such changes by the 31st of December of the year in which the change occurred.

An additional requirement relates to the transfer of ownership, should a business engaging in the above mentioned activities be sold, the company is required to notify the competent authority of changes to registration details within 14 days. New business owners are required to register the facility within a month following the transfer of ownership.

Submission of comments

Interested and affected parties are invited to submit written comments via email, post or fax:



The Director-General

Department of Environmental Affairs

Attention: Mr Jongikhaya Witi

Private Bag X447



Fax: 086 586 7570

Written comments may also be hand delivered to the Department of Environmental Affairs:

Ground Floor, Environment House

473 Steve Biko Road, Pretoria

To download a copy of the Draft National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations, please visit the Department of Environmental Affairs website.

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