New platform connects businesses with waste to buyers

Submitted by: Amanda Botes, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Many businesses produce waste material that is of no use to them, but could be of use to someone else.   However, finding a business that will use a by-product can be very difficult.   RecycleConnect addresses this problem through its online business to business platform where companies can create a listing of their waste materials.  RecycleConnect then posts the listing on their website where companies that are in search of waste materials can make an offer, via RecycleConnect, to the seller of the waste.

RecycleConnect links buyers and sellers via email, without disclosing the name of the company. Buyers bid on the material and the seller selects the best option for them. Once the connection is made RecycleConnect charge a small fee to the seller for their service. The buyer bears the transport costs.  Companies can also list waste by-products that they are looking to buy on the website.

Companies benefit by saving money that they would have spent on sending their waste by-products to landfill. In addition waste is diverted from going to landfill and is re-used, decreasing a company’s impact on the environment. Adopting an industrial ecology approach, where businesses consider how their waste can become inputs for new processes within and outside of the company, can help a company to become more sustainable.

Some examples of waste by-products that have been listed on the RecycleConnect website include rubber foam, steel hubs, used ceiling tiles, exterior glass, and PVC pipes.

To find out more about RecycleConnect visit their website.

Amanda Botes