KZN Province launches green economy website

Submitted by: Jonathan Ramayia, Tuesday, November 13, 2012

<p>KZNDEDT has launched a new website covering green economy news and updates for KZN (Screenshot of the green economy website).</p>

KZNDEDT has launched a new website covering green economy news and updates for KZN (Screenshot of the green economy website).

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism (KZNDEDT) has launched a website aimed at covering the main developments, opportunities and resources in the green economy sector in KwaZulu-Natal. “[the] website, is the major tool that will be used to disseminate information relating to the green economy to all our stakeholders. People will be able to access research reports, articles, presentations, events notices, funding notices [and] business linkages…”, says Liesel Beires, green economy specialist at DEDT’s Green Economic Unit.

At present, KZN Green Growth (, has a strong focus on research that has been conducted in the Province about green jobs but also about various energy topics including waste-to energy and solar. Current highlights on the blog include downloads for the KZN wind map and presentations from the Green Economy Research Conference that took place earlier in 2012.

Pursuing the green economy in KZN

The Green Economy Unit is the key provincial organisation that is trying to pursue green development, or the green economy, and was formed after the province commissioned research to understand the potential for its application “the research showed that there is a real opportunity for stimulating green economy initiatives in KZN and this would require dedicated attention. [We] developed a green economy strategy for the province which we are now trying to implement...”, says Beires. Since the sector is relatively new, the unit is involved in building capacity and providing access to information, particularly in the energy sector.

“Our vision is that by 2030 KwaZulu-Natal will be a province where the economy provides opportunities for all its residents to prosper, and where the natural resources are enhanced and used sustainably in supporting basic needs as well as green economic growth”.

The site currently does not have a newsletter to subscribe to but does have a large distribution list through which the latest postings are sent to. If you’d like to be updated on the latest posts, please contact Liesel Beires on .

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Jonathan Ramayia