Department of Science and Technology launches national waste sector survey

Submitted by: Margaret McKenzie, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The National Department of Science and Technology (DST) has launched a national initiative to survey the South African waste sector.  The purpose of the survey it to establish a quantitative baseline of the size and skill base of the sector. 

The sector is currently estimated to be in the region of R10 Billion. However, there is no accurate information confirming the current size of the sector. DST will use the survey results to measure growth in the waste sector over the next few years in response to government interventions.

The final survey is expected to provide organisational information, employee information, technology and innovation information, and summary economic information.

The DST is encouraging as many relevant organisations as possible to participate in this survey. Information provided will be kept confidential and no company specific information will be released. Target organisations for the survey include:

1.      Municipal and private waste handlers

2.      Waste consulting and engineering firms

3.      Waste sector associations

4.      Waste equipment providers

5.      Waste research & development organisations

The survey is being implemented by the CSIR.  To download and complete the survey go to the waste sector survey webpage. The deadline for completion of the survey is 10th May 2013. 

Margaret McKenzie